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Supporting SB391 to reform PA Expungement Law

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second chance for felonies

i think its a fair deal and a noble thing to do, i my self am a person that just got released from county jail after giving up and taking a plea deal, on an arson charge, its been a challenge to find a job but im trying to keep my faith and head up, but then again is only for misdemeanors, this law, wat about us felony charged exconvicts. ive been trying my best and constantly i keep getting no were, im trying to do my best but sometimes suicide is an option, due to my none luck on getting or keeping a job. two or 3 weeks in a job they lay me off due to my felonies.

Senate Committee to Vote On Expungement Bill

The Senate Appropriations Committee is schedule a vote on SB 391 for Monday, June 17, 2013. The committee is composed of 15 Republicans and 9 Democrats. Senator Jake Corman is the chair. A complete list of committee members can be found here: The committee must pass the bill in order for the full Senate to have an opportunity to vote on the bill.

SB 391 modernizes Pennyslvania’s expungement law by letting low-level offenders to expunge their record after they have proven that they are rehabilitated and met substantial waiting periods. Seventeen states have expanded their expungement laws in the past five years. Expungement expansion has been supported by Republican and Democrat state legislatures.

Please contact your representative and let them know you support SB 391.

This Bill holds merit and is a great idea

Many other states have Bills similar to this one. PA is behind the curve on this issue. Most pa residents in this situation want this changed so they can get a job or get into college etc… One point I must make is, expunging a record after 7 years does not provide a benefit to someone who is looking for a job or needing get in school. Most companies and universities run background checks for arrests in the past 7 years.

SB391/Second Chance for Low Level felony convictions.

This Bill should include low level non violent felonies. The fedral goverment has a very good bill called the second chance it covers non violent low level felonies. Many person/s will be able to vote if low level felonies were expunged this gives person/s freedom and their liberty back. So lets amend the bill to include low level non violent felonies,even with a college degree its hard to get a job because of my conviction in 1991.
Thank You

A life changing opportunity

I think this is a great opportunity to give someone like me that has set into a new road to a new start at life I was young and chose to make the mistakes I made and now 23 and a mother of 3 children my children to suffer because of my wrong doings I have not been able to get a reasonable job to support my girls i’ve been homeless and learning the meaning of a struggle I jus think that this opportunity is life changing and should be passed…

It has been 17 years

I agree if after you have completed the terms of what was stipulated by the court. low level crimes should be expunged. The problem is the individual has to pay a lot of money for court cost to have an attorney get the individuals record expunged. How can they afford it if the individual is unable to get a job. My son 17 years ago was fighting a cop, he paid restitution and spent 30 days in jail. He has not had any contact with the law since. He applied for a job and was suppose to start that next week, the day he was suppose to go in, they called him and told him he has a criminal record. Really after 17 years.

PA Senate Bill 391 – Expunging my record older than 25 years!

I was arrested buying from another person outside a store. I paid $15.00 and then later I was stopped by security outside another store with suspicious as possible theft which was never proved.

They called the police which arrested me without charge for 5 days and then released with charge about $150.xx or so from my deposit cash.

Now I’m retired for the last 16 years and want to have the record expunged which are more than 25 years old make me not happy and worry.

Do not know what to do as I’m not able to afford paid for any service and are peaceful citizen with such very bad in own minds record from past still listed there in the public Records.

I believe such endless Bad record should some how was auto erase after sorthen years since say like 20 or more..

Pennsylvania Senate Bill 391 are long overdue and will serve the best for myself as old 78 years old Retail person.

A Concerned Citizen

I think this bill is long overdue! The bill should also cover felony offenses if of a non violent nature on a case by case basis. These individuals are being locked out on their ability to live productive lives.

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