I was arrested buying from another person outside a store. I paid $15.00 and then later I was stopped by security outside another store with suspicious as possible theft which was never proved.

They called the police which arrested me without charge for 5 days and then released with charge about $150.xx or so from my deposit cash.

Now I’m retired for the last 16 years and want to have the record expunged which are more than 25 years old make me not happy and worry.

Do not know what to do as I’m not able to afford paid for any service and are peaceful citizen with such very bad in own minds record from past still listed there in the public Records.

I believe such endless Bad record should some how was auto erase after sorthen years since say like 20 or more..

Pennsylvania Senate Bill 391 are long overdue and will serve the best for myself as old 78 years old Retail person.