Supporting SB391 to reform PA Expungement Law

Senate Bill 391 Held Over Until Wednesday

Tuesday, October 15 2013

The Senate was schedule to vote on SB 391 today, but the bill was held over until Wednesday. Senate insiders are optimistic that the entire Senate will vote the bill on this week. Attorney Mathew Higbee says that he expects the bill to pass by a strong majority. “SB 391 makes for good law and it passed with unanimous support in committee. I would be shocked if it did not receive the majority of votes needed for passage and even surprised if it did not receive more than forty votes in support.”

The Pennsylvania Senate is comprised of 50 Senators. Assuming that all members vote, 26 votes in support are needed to approve the bill. If approved, Senate Bill 391 will need to be approved by the State House and then the governor.


  1. Matt

    Update on SB 391. According to the PA General Assembly web site, third consideration and final passage of SB 391 occurred Oct. 16, 2013 in the PA Senate (Votes: 49-0). The bill is now in the House and was referred to the Judiciary Committee on Oct. 17, 2013. Keep supporting this important legislation! Contact your local representatives to voice your support!

  2. mandy

    I support this bill and hope it passes. There are many good people who made a mistake who have learned their lesson and never have been involved in the law again. Sometimes the difference between them and us is we ran faster. Everyone deserves a second chance!! Good luck to everyone!

  3. Teresa Klocke

    My ex son-in-law, Sean Phillip Armstrong sexually molested both of his children. One felony count and 3 #1 Misdomeanors. He pleaded quilty, got 9 months in jail and 2 years probation. He was allowed into an ARD program in Indiana, PA. How in the heck can you have intercourse with your child, get ARD and now might be eligible for Expungement of his record? Sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated and it makes me sick to think that you are making it easier for these predators to slip under the radar.

    • John

      Sexual offenders are not allowed. Read the bill. However, ARD is a different monster and his arrest record can go away after probation is complete. ARD has nothing to do with this bill.

      On a side note, I’m very sorry to hear what happened to your grandchildren. There is a special place in hell for people that hurt children.

      God bless you and your grandchildren.


  4. Carl

    Is there a time frame in which the Bill will be voted on in the House? How can the average citizen help support the passing of the Bill?