Supporting SB391 to reform PA Expungement Law

SB391/Second Chance for Low Level felony convictions.

This Bill should include low level non violent felonies. The fedral goverment has a very good bill called the second chance it covers non violent low level felonies. Many person/s will be able to vote if low level felonies were expunged this gives person/s freedom and their liberty back. So lets amend the bill to include low level non violent felonies,even with a college degree its hard to get a job because of my conviction in 1991.
Thank You

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  1. jenine Harris

    Please vote yes on SB391. My fiance has been working for 6 years straight asst the same job working hard with no chance of advancing all because he was an idiot almost nine years ago. He only has been convicted one time he its not a repeat offender or some shady character he IS however a tax paying citizen who can’t even get financial aid to go to school so that he can educate and put himself on a path to upward mobility. PLEASE HAVE A HEART and vote yes on SB 391