So far I see nothing about felons and believe the bill is weak and doesn’t go far enough.I made one mistake by being naive selling my firearm to a co-worker/friend the wrong way.With no jail time,a class 3 felony,paid off fines,and 5 years probation(still serving)I can’t get a job to support myself because employers discriminate outright.My crime in no way affects my ability to do a job or show bad character.I admit certain crimes by repeat offenders bring it on themselves but the purpose of the system is to rehabilitate not punish,and if by completing time served and you have paid your debt to society why are we being black listed by employers.The wait time for possible expungment is ridiculous,who has 4 to 10 years depending on which state(in which in PA I have to wait 27 years)to wait before they can get a good job to support themselves or a family.The bill simply isn’t really doing anyone any good that wants to just get on with their life and move on.You don’t have to change the whole system just give people a chance,first offenders like me and many others should be given a chance,if we mess up again then we did nothing but bring it on ourselves.