I believe the bill should also include any persons 7-10 years arrest free to expunge criminal records. My last The great commonwealth of PA reminds me everyday that people like me do not belong here nor do they care. I pay my taxes for programs I cannot apply because on my record including PA Access as well as the PA Gateway Job program. I’ve worked dead end jobs for minimum wage since I was 22. It’s no wonder the ex-offenders return to lockdown, just look at the state law on expungement, you can do your time but you’ll never free of the state. That’s oppression of a minority by the majority, a funny thing happened yesterday I went to the Chambersburg Courthouse to the Clerk of Courts for a copy of my record, the woman helping me stated that my record could not be expunged, I responded how the current PA law is unfair and unconstitutional, she replied “I disagree, it’s fair and is procedure”. I didn’t go there for her two cents or an argument I just needed some basic information which she did not give me. So what about guys like me? I guess I’ll have to apply for record expungement 3 years after I die, excuse me while I check my planner to see when that is? You know PA had a great immoral and inhumane system of incarceration with fine examples life Easter State Penitentiary, I think the current law on record expungement is an existing condition of that old Quaker Penal system that continues to violate a persons equal right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I can be reached at (confidential), I am currently working on a letter to my local representative and senator and any help is greatly appreciated. My life at one time was an absolute horror and I would just like for people to know my story.