it’s a bill that would help those honest Pennsylvanians who changed their past ways to better society.

I work with juveniles in trouble with the law on a daily basis. I’m not a counselor, I’m a behavioral health technician! I’m with both sexes more than anyone within our facility! I have a criminal record, minor offense. I was honest with this company and I’m 9/10 one of the better behavioral health technicians they’re hired. One with a criminal record isn’t as bad as you think. A lot of stereotype floats around when people hear of a “criminal record involvement.” However given the chance it has worked in my favor because I have my employer complimenting on my work ethics and performance! Those with a criminal record isn’t as bad as people think! This new bill will help out a lot of civilians like myself!

I went on and try to expand my experience in the human service field with juveniles to help rehabilitate those offended to not make the same mistakes they’ve done. Picked up a new job and today. I was terminated because of miscommunication upon interview. I still have my first job but not the point! Some of us with criminal records acknowledge our mistakes and try to convert our mistakes to help young offenders. Others like to expand into the medical field, etc. Altogether those who have a record and try to bounce back into society seem to be held back. Almost like we’re not allowed back in. We’re human, we make mistakes! This bill, highly appreciated if it is/isn’t passed!