I was driving my late husbands car, I had a passneger in it, we got stoped they search the car and found coke cannie,I was arrested and charged with possession, I did a years probation and paid a fine this was in 2006, I was working in apersonal care home and was let go due to the fact that I had this record and some summary offenses which I am paying a fine on. they were for helping a girl that her boyfriend was beating her up, I gave him a ride away from her, because she had three children and couldn’t leave the house. I am unable to obtain a job because of this, I am an excellant employee and loved my job I now have to try and have this taken care of so I can go back to work, since I don’t have a job I am homeless, staying with differnet people and collecting food stamps to eat. These laws should be changed and there wouldn’t be so much crime and drug dealing going on, most people deal drugs due to the fact of there record and they have to support their family or make a living for themself.