Supporting SB391 to reform PA Expungement Law

302 expungment

I have been trying to get a 302 expunged the first time it the first time it was denied by the judge its all about who you know how much money I have to pay the right politicians off that’s how things get done and Pennsylvania you’re in with the rest of you’re in with the rest of them and then we’ll do and then we’ll do it


  1. Don Nowak

    I got a 302 resulting from a domestic incident. Can I get this expunged ? I am a solid citizen with no criminal record.

  2. mark

    I am a vet who served in combat. When I was 19 I was homeless and had to live with a sister who reluctanly allowed me to do so since we did not get along. I had no car, no job, no money. When she finally wanted me out, she advised me to go to the local hospital and tell them I was stressed, believing they would assist me with some social issues. My sister fabricated a story that I was a danger to myself. To me, I signed myself in. Years later, after my military service and completing two degrees, I attempted to purchase a gun to protect my home. I was denied. I found out that i was 302’d. I never knew. I have lawyers telling me it’s no use to try.

  3. Ben

    I was 302’ed by my therapist because what I was saying scared her. It is a mess when you are paying a therapist to talk about your feelings and venting about how someone makes you feel and they get scared and have you 302’ed because she thinks you are a danger to yourself or others this law has to be change.