I am not allowed to go to nursing school for a misdemeanor, I got locked up for a marijuana cigarette almost 10 years ago yes the cigarette not actual marijuana in a bag, they love unnecessary paper work and money wasting . Even though nursing schools in America do criminal background checks for child and elder abuse I was pulled out of class and told until I “clear this up” I would not be allowed to attend school. “American Law” does not allow a person to expunge a misdemeanor if it is not in the first degree or beyond, so I guess I’m stuck with this record and I’ll keep being denied an education. The powers that be wonder why we have such a high crime rate in certain areas, people just become frustrated and give up trying to do the “right thing”. If I can’t get an education that I’m willing to pay for and work where I want then what’s the point? You may say ‘why not go to school for something else?”, I would love to do this but when you live in a city where there is only service jobs and hospital jobs common sense says take the latter it pays more and has benefits. I am so frustrated, I was talked to very nasty and denied an education I can’t function like this you’d think the way these people behaved that I must be a mass murderer. How is it that felons, junkies, and my just fresh out of jail neighbor can get a job after murdering someone? Arsed Backwards much?