Monday, June 17 – Harrisburg, PA. The Senate Appropriations Committee unanimously approved Senate Bill 391 today. The bill, which is sponsored by Senator Tim Solobay, will expand the eligibility for expungement of criminal records to include some low-level misdemeanors.

The next step for the bill is a vote by the full Senate on the senate floor. Mathew Higbee, an attorney and former political consultant who tracks expungement bills nationwide, says that he would expect that the bill will be supported by the full Senate. “It is rare for a bill to be rejected in a full floor vote after it gets unanimous support by a bi-partisan committee,” said Higbee.

The Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi controls the schedule for the floor vote.  Those who support the bill are encouraged to call Senator Pileggi and let him know that you support SB 391, the expungement bill. Senator Pillegi can be reached at 717-787-4712 or via email through his web site at